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Grills, Smokers & Outdoor Kitchens

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PK Grills

VERSATILE CHARCOAL GRILL & SMOKER The PK Grills are world class grills and smokers. There is no need to choose between these two important functions or purchase separate equipment. Whether you intend to grill at high temperatures for short periods, like burgers and hot dogs, or at low temperatures over…

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Kamado Joe & Gas Joe Grills

There’s nothing like a sizzling mouth-watering steak infused with the flavor of charcoal. That authentic taste is why so many grillers are moving to Kamado Joe. Their 100% Natural Lump Charcoal is made of hardwoods like oak, hickory and maple. It can even be relit for multiple cookings. We carry…

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Twin Eagles Grills & Outdoor Kitchens

Twin Eagles creates sleek, luxurious and meticulously engineered grills, as beautiful as they are high performance. Prestigious, innovative designs you’ll love – and the outdoor cooking equipment you deserve – surprisingly attainable. Twin Eagles offers you several unique features that together deliver unparalleled performance. Look to the engineering details for…

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Delta Heat Grills & Outdoor Kitchens

Creative design, innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, and impeccable quality control – that’s what you get with Delta Heat! Delta Heat develops, from design prototyping to testing to final production, gas grills and outdoor kitchen accessories at their state-of-the-art company owned facility in Cerritos, California. The Delta Heat family consists of…

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Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Gas and Charcoal Grills are works of functional art. They have everything you need to have an entire outdoor kitchen experience in one grilling unit. Enjoy the convenience of gas or traditional taste of charcoal with a Napoleon Grill. Providing the backyard chef everything needed to create exciting grilled dishes. Engineered…

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Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Memphis Wood Fire Grills Memphis Wood Fire Grills not only help you create memorable meals, they’re also jaw-droppingly easy to operate. (Please be gentle on that jaw as it hits the floor – you’ll need it for the mouth-watering food you’re about to create.) Now, simply enter your grill temperature…

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Smokin Brothers Grills

Smokin Brothers Wood Pellet Grills are manufactured and assembled in Southeast Missouri, and are designed to give you consistent cooking every time. Smokin Brothers grills, pellets, sauces and seasonings are proudly made in America.   The grills cook with indirect heat, preventing flare ups. Each grill comes complete with a drip pan to…

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Traeger Grills

GRILL, SMOKE, BAKE, ROAST, BRAISE & BBQ. Traeger 6-in-1 versatility allows you to cook hot and fast or low and slow. When you fire up your Traeger, you ignite the power to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ – you’re the master of all trades. From baby back ribs…

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green mountain grill at across the pond

Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills are top-of-the-line wood pellet bbq grills and barbecue grill accessories. Premium barbecue smoker pellet grills make grilling easy. The digital controller controls the internal temperature by managing pellet flow. A motor turns the auger which feeds pellets, into the Firebox. A hot rod in the firebox ignites…

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Saffire Grills

Saffire Grills Cooking Advantages: The heavy duty, inch-thick ceramics with a gasket seal produce a high level of efficiency that requires very little air and fuel while providing a host of advantages: Eliminates flare-ups Minimal ash production Easy to start 18+ hours of low temp cooking/smoking with just one load of…

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