By the Scoop or By the Pound


We carry a large variety of bulk landscaping materials such as  gravels, decorative rocks, mulches, soil conditioners, blended garden soils, topsoils and sands. When you visit our store, we also have a physical sample board available to help you choose the perfect material for your next landscaping project.

Most of our gravel is sold by the CAT loader scoop–approximately 1 CY (Cubic Yard), Bobcat loader scoop (approximately 0.65 CY), or by the bag.

In most cases, we can sell all stone materials by the pound. 

Yes! We offer delivery for an additional fee via a pallet truck or a dump truck depending on the product type. 


We'd be happy to help you estimate how much bulk material you'll need for your landscaping project!

AL Pea Gravel

Decorative Gravel

Masonry Sand

Sand & Soils

Decorative Gravel Options

Bulk Scoop

Sold by the Pound

Driveway Options

Mulch Options

Across the Pond offers bulk sands and soil mixes


We’ve got soil mixes and sand for a variety of projects. We do our own on-site blending using the finest materials. All our soils and sand are kept in dry storage. Don’t be delayed with wet soils. 

Premium Soil Mix
40% Screened Topsoil, 40% Aged Pine Fines (Soil Conditioner), 20% Fill Sand
Basic Soil Mix
50% Screened Topsoil, 50% Fresh Pine Fines (Soil Conditioner)
Leveling Mix
50% Screened Topsoil, 50% Fill Sand
Screened Topsoil
Concrete Sand
Best for under pavers. Also popular for use in chicken coops.
Masonry Sand
Available in white or dark. Great for general landscaping, leveling, and mixing with mortar.
Don't just take our word for it!

What Our Customers Say

I came in for some Alabama pea gravel and I was impressed. The place was crowded but I only had to wait for 2 minutes to check out because there were 2 ladies working checkout. I paid for my gravel and by the time I walked to the truck the guy running the Cat was already there with my gravel in the bucket waiting on me. I was in and out in 10 minutes. I will be back next week for another scoop. It is nice decorative gravel for a good price. It sure looks better than pine straw and I won't have to replace it every 6 months.

Patrick H.

Across the Pond is my #1 vendor! If my customer's ever want to meet and pick out a product I only come here. They by far have the best selection available in Huntsville/Madison and one of the most organized. Hank, has been one of the main reason that across the pond gets all my business. He has the answers, he is quick to find an answer he doesnt know, and he is a super nice guy on top of that which makes it nice when my customers ask him questions. If your looking for QUALITY, GOOD CUST. SERVICE, HUGE SELECTION, even custom made planter boxes and on time deliveries this is the place. I honestly couldn't ask for a better company to do business with.

Veterans Lawn Care

Fantastic selection of outdoor landscaping supplies. Looking for stone, brick, pavers, etc this is certainly a place that can help you choose. Have project ideas as well.

Kenneth K.