PK Grills Available at Across the Pond

PK grills available at Across the Pond

PK Grills Available at Across the Pond! We think you’re going to love the PK Grill. In case you didn’t know, PK stands for Portable Kitchen. Brilliant. This simply designed grill was first introduced to the American family in 1952 and quickly became a staple in backyards across the nation. It was portable even back then, so imagine how many of these were packed into the back of the family station wagon and used along legendary travel ways like Route 66! The U.S. army used them also, purchasing 20,000 of them in the 1950’s!

Besides the nostalgic value of these grills, we think you love them because they are made to last. Virtually rust-free, they’re perfect for the humidity of the south! The smartly designed vents allow for outstanding control during cook time, so this grill is very versatile. Read more about PK Grills here, give us a call. message us or stop by and see them for yourself.