Fish Care – Acclimating Your Fish

When you get your new fish home, float the bag of fish for approximately twenty (20) minutes or until the temperature is the same in the bag as in the pond. During this time, open the bag and add one (1) cup of your pond water to the bag every five (5) minutes. When temperature is the same, release fish into your pond. If you purchased KOI - be sure to cover pond until KOI are accustomed to their new environment as they may jump out of the pond (acclimatizing usually takes 2 to 3 days). DO NOT allow bag to sit out in the sun. Cover bag with a damp towel. DO NOT add water from the bag into the pond. Goldfish and Koi Feeding Schedule Feeding your fish varies at different times of the year and depends on the temperature: Above 70°ºF: feed small amounts of food 2 to 3 times daily. 60º° - 70°ºF: feed once daily. 50°º - 60ºF°: feed 3 times per week. 43º° - 50°ºF: feed when the fish actively are looking for food. 43ºF° and under: NO FOOD AT ALL as the fish will semi-hibernate. Begin feeding the fish again when temperatures rise above 43ºF°. Type of Food: High protein when temps are above 60º°F; Low protein when below 60ºF°.
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