ALFA Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Treat yourself and your family to an ALFA wood fired oven - but it's not just for pizza! Just about anything you bake or roast in a conventional oven can be cooked with your ALFA wood fired ovens.

Each model we carry uses FORNINOX technology, which combines a refractory floor, ceramic fiber insulation and stainless steel structure to ensure your oven gets HOT and stays hot. A handy pyrometer mounted on the front lets you see the temperature at all times. And ALFA ovens don't require assembly other than attaching the flue, so you can get right to cooking!

We carry several models for you to choose from:


This model is light and mobile, and is perfect for pizza, bread, roasts, casseroles, claypot cooking, and even cakes! When it arrives all you have to do is attach the flue and legs (if you want it to be mobile).


The ALFA 5 Minuti is the wood-fired pizza oven is maybe compact in size, but it's a powerhouse when it comes to cooking. The cooking surface is made of heat tolerant tiles, and the stainless steel dome structure allows it to get hot fast without using a lot of wood. Ceramic fiber insulation keeps the heat inside, so it can be ready to cook in just 5 minutes! The stainless steel door has a large wooden handle that's easy to grip and let's you open and close the oven smoothly. It's easy to clean, and can be used with the cart it comes with or as part of your permanent outdoor kitchen.

4 Pizze

The 4 Pizze is a larger oven, and can cook 4 pizzas in 90 seconds! How? The tall dome of the stainless steel structure, ceramic fiber insulation and refractory tile floor allows temperatures to get hot fast and stay hot. This is the perfect wood-burning oven for those who like to entertain...or for large families! Convenient shelves on both sides of the stand it comes with - as well as caster wheels - makes the 4 Pizze a crowd pleaser!


The Allegro is the largest ALFA Wood-burning pizza oven we carry. This oven works like a pro. Built with the refractory tiles, stainless steel dome and ceramic fiber insulation that allow it to get hot fast and stay that way, the Allegro includes a warming shelf just below the combustion chamber, and also boasts large side shelves that can easily be folded down when not in use. A very sturdy stand with castor wheels allows you to move the oven easily.

Cheerio! Trevor
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