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Grills, Smokers, & Outdoor Kitchens

There are many kinds of grills on the market today: charcoal, wood pellet and gas are the three most popular types. Charcoal and wood pellet grills are great for the smoky flavor they add but if it is quick clean cooking you want, gas is it! Some folks have all three types in their outdoor kitchen.

Whatever your preference, we carry an array of grills & smokers for outdoor kitchens. You’re sure to find something to ignite your passion for grilling.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor cooking at its best! Whether you’re a backyard gourmet or a tailgate burger-flipper, we’ve got a great selection of grills, outdoor cooking islands, wood-fired pizza ovens, custom components, and patio products to match any taste.

On certain weekends, we offer cooking demonstrations on our very own outdoor grills and wood-fired oven.

Kamado Joe

There’s nothing like a sizzling mouth-watering steak infused with the flavor of charcoal. That authentic taste is why so many grillers are moving to Kamado Joe.

Their 100% Natural Lump Charcoal is made of hardwoods like oak, hickory and maple. It burns cleaner, hotter and longer than other brands. It can even be relit for multiple cookings—you can’t do that with gas, or briquette charcoal.

We carry a full line of Kamado Joe from the traditional kettle style charcoal to the new Kamado Joe gas grills or how about the new COMBO Joe, featuring the best of both!

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Traeger: Grill, smoke or bake!

With the Traeger it is as simple as turning the knob. Traeger grills are fueled by food-grade hardwood pellets. This is the source of the fuel and the flavor. The pellets are made from 100% pure wood sawdust and have a 99% burn rate.You can select the desired cooking temperature, place your food on the grill and then walk away while the Traeger does the work. The auger precisely controls the dispense rate for the pellets, keeping the temperature just right.

The fan evenly distributes the heat and the smoke, so you will have consistent results every time. You can taste the difference!

Green Mountain Grills

Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

This outdoor wood-fired oven can be seamlessly integrated into any outdoor kitchen. Made from the same insulating materials as our fireplaces.

With the increased popularity of cooking outdoors, consumers are looking for new ways to be creative with their outdoor cooking. Hence, the interest and popularity of wood-fired Forno’s a.k.a. pizza ovens. At our Huntsville store, you can see a working display of our pizza oven, fully installed. It is more than just a pizza oven. You can cook low and slow, hot and fast, and everything in between.

Be sure to ask Trevor about his latest man cave accessory.