Winter Care for your Fountains, Bird Baths & Statuary

Changes in temperature and humidity can adversely affect your cast stone and concrete fountains and statuary by causing it to expand and contract. To protect your garden fountains, birdbaths, and statuary from winter weather, follow these few simple winterizing steps to insure your garden accents are ready for next year’s warmer weather:

1. Empty fountain bowls and birdbaths and turn the bowl upside down on the pedestal. If you cannot invert the bowl, fill with an absorbent material such as burlap or blankets, and cover with a heavy duty plastic or a fountain cover.

2. You can purchase a birdbath heater to provide water for the birds throughout the winter, which will also protect the birdbath from freezing.

3. Be sure statuary and pedestals are not in an area where water can collect and freeze on, in, or around them.

4. Exposure to icing conditions may cause the concrete or cast stone to shale or crack.

5. Store pumps inside to avoid cracking of the hoses or freezing of any residual water in the pump.

6. Most statuary can remain outside but you can extend the life of all your concrete and cast stone by either covering or storing inside.