Wild Alabama

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? 

Perhaps, but what many people don’t realize is that any time during the day you could have many birds in the bushes, or trees, that you may not even notice. 

One of the many bird and other wildlife related issues of rapid growing cities like Huntsville, is that it alters the habitats and habits greatly for our native species.  We can help immensely by just adding a simple bird feeder, a simple birdbath. 

Winter is the best time for birdfeeders as the fruits, seeds, and especially insects become scarce.  Those three things make up the diet for most of our year-round or migrant songbirds. 

Stop by some time during the week and ask me for any pointers regarding a good bird-feeding area, bird ID, or how to attract more species to your yard.  Live too far?  Covid have you staying home?  No worries, call me at the store or join my group on Facebook at Wild Alabama. 

I’m Skyler and I thank you for stopping by.