Product Spotlight – Ceramic Tiles by Landmark Ceramics

Consider ceramic tiles for your next outdoor (or indoor) project. Did you know that ceramic is a safe and completely recyclable material? Landmark Ceramics is one of the top brands in the industry, so of course we carry it!

Ceramic tiles are a natural choice for you outdoor living areas. They are scratch and spill resistant, won’t absorb water, is unaffected by frost or ice, and won’t fade!

Did you know that ceramic tile is super eco-friendly? The tiles are made of natural things like clays, quartz and feldspars and fired up to 2500 F. And they can be used and reused for generations and are 100% plastic free. Even the packaging and boxing are 100% recyclable. 

Because ceramic tile is so eco-friendly, safe, stain, spill, and scratch resistant and is available in pattersn with stone, wood, concrete or marble effects, it’s super versatile! Besides being a natural choice for outdoor 9or indoor) flooring, it’s great for walls, steps, pathways, and your outdoor kitchen.

And if all that wasn’t reason enough to choose ceramic, it’s super easy to keep clean and because it’s impervious, moss and mold cannot establish themselves in a permanent way and can easily be removed

Curious? Come talk to us about how ceramic tile can fit into your next project, or visit our design page and fill out the info request form.