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We carry the largest selections of cold-water fish in the region, over 75 tanks full!

  • Goldfish (domestic, fancy, Chinese & Japanese imports)
  • 20 different varieties in all
  • Shubunkin, Comets, Sarasses, and Fantail
  • Koi (both domestic and import) – over 50 different kinds
  • A selection of sizes and grades from 3” to 40”
  • Catfish, including Blue Channel & Golden
    Plecostomus, Tadpoles, snails, and crawfish

Trevor and his staff have traveled the world from Japan to Taiwan to China to England to visit fish farms and hand-select a variety of koi and goldfish for import.

Kids love to pet the fish!!

We also sell fish food and pond supplies to keep your aquatic life safe and healthy! Click here.


Place has awesome outdoor stuff. I love the fish ponds and will sometimes stop just to see the giant koi. ~ Jim C.

Across The Pond has a huge selection of home & garden supplies and decorations. The koi ponds are a treat to visit. The neighboring Bennet's nursery is also a pleasure to walk through and they have free bottled sodas, water and coffee to enjoy while you stroll through the grounds. - George Chavis

Koi fish.. K - Karen Vance

Great place and helpful ppl. I love fish pond with all the turtles. This place will give you a lot of inspiration. - L Wood

I give Across The Pond and their employees 5 stars!! I've always wanted a koi pond so I bought some books online and started digging my own.. I have absolutely NO experience with koi ponds but figured I'd give it a shot. ATP and their employees have been so helpful in every aspect and go out of their way for their customers. Their expertise is incredible and they have taught me a lot! Thank you! ~Janelle Wassell