Fireplace and Fire Pits you’ll love all year long!


Emberlok is a simple way to build a true masonry outdoor fireplace and chimney. These units install in less than a day; cost 50% less than traditional bricks-and-mortar and are precision engineered to draw correctly. They enhance the value and comfort of an outdoor living space with a 100-year life expectancy and a 20-year warranty.

We carry 6 different models/designs of bare bones Emberlok Fireplaces to choose from!


Outdoor fire that's almost smokeless! As the BREEO walls heat up, hot air rises and escapes through a carefully designed line of holes around the rim in the gap between the two walls that make up the shell. Then the oxygen which is heated and pressurized mixes with the smoke and causes it to re-burn. We call this Secondary Combustion. There will still be a little smoke, because it is, after all a fire pit.

The benefits are less smell of smoke, you don't have to move your chair around to avoid smoke in your face. (and you know how the wind seems to change every time you move your chair!)


This is an amazing place I would like to have it all and Trevor was a big help on designing me an outdoor kitchen. Look forward to next visit. - Pamela White Jennings

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