Why You Should Use a Hardscape Professional

hardscape professional

The trained hardscape professional will use the correct amount of water during polymeric sand installations. 

The trained hardscape professional won’t use stone dust as a bedding material because it holds moisture and doesn’t drain well.

The professional understands that polymeric sand does not cause moss, mold, or mildew, and will will share that information with the homeowner.

The trained hardscape professional will use today’s best polymers which are clear and won’t leave a white haze on pavers.

The professional will properly fill paver joints to ensure that polymeric sand is filled up to ⅛” below the chamfer of the paver and they will always compact to ensure the proper amount of sand sits in the joints.

The professional will never mix products within paver joints, because half filling a joint with one product and topping it off with polymeric sand will negatively impact the performance of the polymeric sand. 

The trained hardscape professional will communicate the expectations clients should have with polymeric sand, so they understand what to expect.

The professional will never apply sealer to pavers if  the surface temperature is above 85 degrees because it can leave a white film or haze on the pavers.

The professional should perform an efflorescence cleaning prior to each and every sealing job. This will not only ensure the surface is clean, but will also properly prepare it to accept the sealer.

The trained hardscape professional keeps current on installation best practices and product knowledge.

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