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Mombasa School Update

You may (or may not) be aware that for several years we have been underwriting (supporting) a school in Mombasa. We keep up correspondence with our friends there, and would like to share some updates with you from time to time. Recently we helped the with an important upgrade to their grounds. Below is a letter we received earlier this year. We have just received some photos of the finished job, which we will share in the next post.

Hi Trevor, Hello from Mombasa , I have heard from Lynn & she has told me that again you have come to our rescue with your upmost generosity to allow us to an area of concreting to cover up an area that has for a while given us a headache with flooding & water seepage into underground electrics , this is absolutely fantastic news Trevor & we cant thank you enough , we will be forever indebted to you, both Lynn& ourselves here have said you are our ‘Guardian Angel’ & we are very very fortunate to have a guy like you that takes an unparalleled interest in the school , we will certainly put an inscribed stone into the concreted area with your Mum’s name & all the family to commemorate the occasion, again Trevor ,we all thank you so much for your continued support  for the school & i will make sure you will receive some pics of the finished job .    

Very kind regards to you & your family over there in the U S A.      

Nick, Dolly & all at school 

If you would like to check out their Facebook page, click here.

Thank you and Cheerio!