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Napoleon Grills Display

Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Grills Earn Top Two Picks By DIGG Looking for a new Gas Grill? Too much to choose from these days, right? Check out this review. It might help you decide. The top two Grills are by Napoleon. Check out our complete line of Napoleon Grills and Accessories at Across the Pond. Chat with one…

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gator base

Gator Base Is Here!

“Gator Base” is a great Evolution in base technology. It’s a New paver base that makes paver installation easy for home owners and contractors.Save Time, Save Labor, and Save Money on your next Paver project. Come by and see for yourself today! Please share. Cheerio! ‪ #‎acrossthepondwithtrevor‬ ‪#‎gatorbase‬

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New Pizza Oven!

Are you having mixed results with your home made pizza cooked in a conventional oven? One reason is that there is not enough heat. We’re excited about this new Pizza Oven in stock at Across the Pond. Wood ovens do many things well, including outstanding pizza, hearth breads, roasted meats, roasted veggies, you name it.…

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spanish pottery

Spanish Pottery!

Add colorful accents with Spanish Pottery, and let the fiesta begin! Spanish Pottery is a great way to add a little color to your environment? Check out the Beautiful hand painted pottery and tableware just arrived from Spain. Come in and browse today. Please share. Cheerio! #pottery #acrossthepond #color

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What’s New You Ask? Check this out!

Spring has almost sprung! If you haven’t been here in awhile come by and see all that’s new at Across the Pond. Check out the dual fuel Napoleon Grills, Lindsey Phillips footwear, Tubtrugs, Haws English Watering Cans, Bourbon Barrel Foods and Wood, Hard to find Whiskey Barrels, the Better Broom, and new shipment of very…

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